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🧑‍💻 Essential Reads for New Software Engineers

Working as a software engineer is not only about knowing how to code. That is a big part of it, but besides this, many other aspects make the role. Plenty of the skills and processes that are important in the role as well as for your growth are not taught in a…

🧑‍💻 Navigating Career Transitions: Is a Bootcamp Right for Me?

Disclaimer: I completed a 6-month full stack development bootcamp in February 2020. I share at the end of the article my experience with attending a bootcamp and why I chose this over going to university. TL;DR: The answer to the question I raised isn't as…

🐻 JSHeroes - The tech conference I’m looking forward to this year

Last year I attended my first in-person tech conference, JSHereos in Cluj, Romania. It was an experience that exceeded all my expectations. I left with valuable insights and knowledge to improve my skills, while at the same time connected with other…

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