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🏅 Stefi’s Shorts #10 - Do it anyways

Dear friends,

Welcome to edition 10! A great milestone 🥳  Sitting down and writing this every week hasn’t been easy. It’s now that I understand that when you get started you might have a lot of ideas, excitement, and energy. Keeping at it and showing up is what makes the difference long term.

As weeks go by and I write a new post I am refining the process behind the scenes but also reflecting on which topics I’d like to dive more into and how I want the structure to look.

Let’s dive into some learnings:

3 Ideas That Made Me Think This Week

  • I cannot do it all at the same time and it’s good to go back and reflect on my goals. This year I wanted to challenge myself to do a half-distance triathlon (half ironman). Before signing up for one, I wanted to assess my consistency in training, particularly in running, which I find to be the most challenging bit. This made me learn that even if I believe I could complete a half, I don’t have the bandwidth right now to train for it. There are other projects I want to focus on like writing more on this blog, traveling, attending, meetups, spending more time with family and friends, etc. Therefore I decided to drop this goal until I would have the time to properly prepare for it.
  • Running a half-marathon is not easy, it requires training and proper nutrition. Last Sunday I went to Zaragoza and completed a half marathon. Despite its relatively flat course, it was not easy. I was hungry during the race and my legs couldn’t keep up. I thought that I might be able to just wing it as the last weeks I didn’t focus as much on training. Which brings me to the last point:
  • It’s best to do fewer things but good rather than more but in a less focused way. Going forward I’m taking the time to check back on my start-of-the-year goals/projects and recalibrate for the next 3 months.

YouTube Video or Podcast of the week

Inspirational video coming from Jason Lengstorf ❤️ watch it on Twitter/X

“Existing and imperfect is better than perfect but imaginary.” #DoItAnyways


Simple tips on becoming better at talking to people.

Quote of the Week

“If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint”, then by all means paint, and the voice will be silenced.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Have a great day, and thanks for reading,


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